Alexander Volkov ready to attack the title

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Alexander Volkov ready to attack the title

Preparations for the most important fight of the career are over, the weighing is done and all that remains is to enter the Octagon and do the fight. Of course, the word “only” is there in a somewhat humorous manner because mastering Cyril Gane is not simple or easy.

If so, this French fighter would have had at least one defeat on his resume so far, but zero is still consistent. Even after five UFC fights, through which he reached the third position of the heavyweight challenger rankings.

But Alexander Volkov has a lot to give Gane a real test. He is tall, strong, and long, which is certainly a challenge for other fighters. In addition, as someone of a karate background, he is capable of fighting from the “kyokushin” guard, which pretty much prevents fighters from approaching at a distance that suits them.

Volkov is relaxed

Bon Gamin will have to have an excellent and detailed strategy if it intends to remain undefeated. Volkov, on the other hand, seems extremely relaxed in the face of a fight that can bring him one step closer to what he dreams of.

"I worked on some special things for this fight. I watched a lot of his fights and other different shots. I feel like I did my homework well. We'll see how it goes in the Octagon, but I feel great," the Russian briefly described his situation during the visit to ESPN +, after which he turned to Gane: "Gane is very talented.

He has excellent kicking skills, one of the best in our whole category. He is also good at wrestling and grappling. But I am here to win. I think this is a good fight for me and the desire is to show how I'm better than him in all of the above.

" In the current situation, where Derrick Lewis should be fighting for the title, where we have Stipe Miočić on hold, and where a difficult activation of Jon Jones is expected, it is still difficult to expect the winner of this fight to go to the title immediately.

Regardless, the goal of the 32-year-old Russian does not change. To the Bellator and M-1 Global belts he wants to join this most important and most valuable one. "We'll see what happens. I don't want to look through Gane, but I'm ready to fight for the title. I think about it every day. But for now, I have to fight Gane first and show how good I can be," he said briefly