Justin Jaynes is betting all the money in his win against Rose

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Justin Jaynes is betting all the money in his win against Rose

Three defeats in a row, all three times with a stoppage, from August last year until today, were achieved by Justin "Guitar Hero" Jaynes. All this after an impressive debut in promotion, just over a year ago, when he finished Frank Camacho as a replacement fighter.

Unfortunately for him, he did not continue his career in the UFC the way he started and now he may have his last fight in the Octagon ahead of him. In fact, such will be for sure, if he is defeated by Charles Rose at this week’s UFC event.

Still, he is more than motivated not to let that happen, even so much so that in the event of a defeat he is willing to be left without the full fee. He will bet on himself, on the evening of the fight, as soon as an offer is made on "live" betting.

"As soon as an offer to fight between Justin Jaynes and Charles Rose comes up, I'll put my entire contract amount on myself, my coaches will do the same." "I'm investing about $ 25,000 because I believe so much in my victory.

This is actually a multiple 'all' for me. in ' If I lose a fight I won't be paid, nor will my coaches. But it's not nearly as bad as losing a UFC fighter job, "Jaynes revealed in an interview with Overtime Heroics, explaining his intention:

He is optimistic

"My career is at stake.

I'm dear to the UFC. They like that I'm always ready to jump in and I'm not afraid of anyone. I don't avoid fighting." "I've proven that many times. I can try to grapple, but I don't want my fights to be boring.

I have reached the highest level of this sport and I want everyone to be excited about my fights." "We both have a career at stake in this fight. I will bring an action. I will be at the right weight, I will be in shape and I will break Charles Rosa."

If you trust him, you can try to bet on him. The odds on Jaynes winning are currently around 2.30 and so is the global scene as well. That would mean that if he wins, instead of $ 25,000, he would earn $ 57,000 and a half. As for Charles Rose, his entire UFC career so far has been in “defeat then win” mode and so on four times in a row.

As he was defeated in the last fight, he will celebrate in this logic. If you believe in the rule of such data, the odds on Rosa's victory are 1.50.