There are new details about Luis Pena case!

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There are new details about Luis Pena case!

Details of the case that led to Luis Pena ending up behind bars last week have been released. The charges of robbery (theft) and destruction of someone else's property are related to the case of domestic violence, for which he is also charged.

On June 14, Luis Pena's girlfriend reported him for violence and the smashing of her iPhone 11. The UFC fighter, according to her, accused her of watching other men on Instagram, taking her cell phone, and smashing it. Luis is currently in custody awaiting trial for a triple indictment.

Luis Pena's lawyer, Daniel Martinez, explained that Pena could remain in custody longer than expected. The problem is that Pen was not detained within the district where he committed the alleged crimes and his interrogation was postponed, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, the transfer of prisoners can take up to 30 days.

However, Martinez is working to have the hearing as early as this week and is defending his client: '' The indictments are not worth the paper on which they are printed. No one was there and witnessed it, there is no evidence.

It is the testimony of person "A" against the testimony of person "B". One is accusations and the other is evidence, '' the lawyer told MMA Fighting. The girl who accuses Pena of the above described to the police in more detail the entire situation and the consequences she allegedly suffered.

She stated that the UFC fighter made a cut on the left side of her lip and left her with a series of scratches and bloody bruises. According to her, Pena then took her house and car keys, forcing her to walk to a nearby gas station to call the police.

The girl later managed to get the keys that were stolen from her.


Police did not find Luis Pena at his girlfriend's house after going out on the field. However, an anonymous caller contacted police later in the day, telling them that Pena had returned to kill his girlfriend and was suicidal.

He also had a knife and a firearm at the time. A day later, police had another interview with his girlfriend who showed new injuries to the top of her head that she allegedly hid the day before and did not want to show them to police officers.

She added that Pena had suicidal tendencies a few weeks earlier and was upset because the police had not yet arrested him. Later that day, a police station issued an arrest warrant for Luis Pena who, according to an anonymous tip, was found and detained in Coral Springs, Florida.

Five thousand US dollars and a prison sentence of up to five years are provided for sanctions for robbery in Florida. If additional indictments of murder threats, possession of weapons, etc. are confirmed, Penny will face even harsher punishments.

His lawyer is optimistic that this will not happen '' I don't think anyone wants Pena to end up behind bars. People sometimes have various disagreements and quarrels, and this leads to various inaccurate things being said about the other person." "I can claim that someone hit me in the face, but that does not mean that I am telling the truth, '' Daniel Martinez added.