Khabib Nurmagomedov started a private business

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Khabib Nurmagomedov started a private business

To retire at the peak and while you are healthy, create the conditions to enjoy life and find a way to earn money after your career. It should be some imagined goal of every professional fighter or at least some dream, an ideal outcome of the situation.

Unfortunately, many when they reach the top try to stay on it as long as possible, and when they fall off it, they often try to get back there for too long. And so some careers last much longer than they might have needed and many fighters actually degrade their acquired reputation, thus losing the opportunity to continue earning at his expense.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a man who succeeded in what is stated in the first sentence. Although he could get over a few million dollars for each of his further fights, he decided to say: That's enough. He has achieved his sports goals, and he has planed his life so that he can stay in sports in the way he likes and that he can still earn money at the expense of his name and success.

Khabib thus has several of his own products and projects in the Russian or Arab market, but he is still interesting in the international market. This is best evidenced by his new business project.


He boasted on Instagram about his personalized version of watches from a well-known manufacturer, Jacob & Co.

As we can see in the announcement, the watch on the front has a very powerful and modern design, with the inevitable inscription 29-0. On the other hand, we have Khabib’s character and signature and once again that incredible win-loss ratio with which he ended his professional career.

There is no doubt that the watch could soon become a hit among his many fans. As stated, this is just one of Khabib’s various projects and there is no doubt that there will be more. At the expense of as many as 29 million Instagram followers, it is possible to get a lot, if you know how to dispose of your name and legacy in the right way.

Khabib otherwise remained attached to the world of martial arts, especially the UFC. So he will spend most of July in America, as several members of his team have a fight in the UFC, but also in some other strong organizations.

Khabib decided to follow all the members of the "Eagle MMA" team on a regular basis and at the expense of his experience and reputation to help them break through to the top as quickly as possible. As for his martial arts career, he admitted that he enjoys everything that is happening to him at the moment and that he really has no need to go back and think.