Tim Means: ''While serving my prison sentence, I developed a high dose of tolerance"

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Tim Means: ''While serving my prison sentence, I developed a high dose of tolerance"

Next weekend, UFC welterweight Tim Means (31-12-1) will be fighting against Danish fighter Nicolas Dalby (19-3-1). The event is led by an exciting heavyweight showdown between Cyril Gane and the great Russian Alexander Volkov.

Ahead of his 46th professional MMA fight, Means spoke for the "MMAmania.com" portal about the difficult life experiences that he had as a person in his young days. '' While serving my prison sentence, I developed a high dose of tolerance and patience and learned not to stress about things that are beyond my control."

"Lying in a prison cell, the guards would simply come for you whenever they wanted. They determine when it’s time to sleep and everything else that comes through the day." "By going through such mental temptations and the fact that you just have to be there and you can’t get out you simply become a more patient person.

I went through all that at the age of 18-19, but it made me a mentally strong person. '', Means recalled the difficult moments from early adulthood. Serving a prison sentence is not the only temptation that Tim struggled with in his youth.

Namely, Means was shot in the thigh as a 20-year-old in 2004, and the bullet damaged the femoral (femoral) artery. Doctors prescribed him various painkillers and put him on addictive morphine. After doctors removed him from therapy, Means began experimenting with methamphetamines.

All this led this fighter to problems with the law. Means, meanwhile, was going through a lawsuit related to injuring the person who broke into his house.

His life

He is accused of aggravated assault because he punched a man who broke into his house.

He was serving a suspended sentence but evading mandatory drug tests he was sentenced to four years in prison. He had already started his MMA career by then, but his score was at an unconvincing 3-2 within the local promotions.

Four years later, Means served his sentence and returned to the sport. He fought as many as 15 fights in three years and recorded 13 victories with one defeat and a draw. In 2012, he made his UFC debut. After two wins in the first appearances, there were two consecutive defeats and dismissal by the strongest promotion in the world.

Two victories under the auspices of "Legacy" brought him back to the UFC, of ​​which he has been a permanent member since 2014. Bullet injury, addiction problems, prison sentence, UFC dismissal. The fighter nicknamed "The Dirty Bird" has gone through a lot, but he turned his life around and now, with a martial arts career, he enjoys the peace of family life.

'' As long as I keep my head upright and don't stay nailed to the bottom, I can't lose. I may lose some of the fights, but I still get paid and feed my family." "We live in a nice house and we can afford various things.

I don’t fret about things that are out of my control. I always try to draw something positive. This does not mean that I will find a solution to every problem, but it definitely helps to fight various life challenges. "Said" Dirty Bird "