Reyes believes Jones is afraid to stay in the same category

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Reyes believes Jones is afraid to stay in the same category

Reyes thinks Jon Jones is going into the different category for the reason that he is weak for the current one "He's moving to heavyweight because those guys are slow," Reyes said. "You do realize that, right? He can't keep up with us anymore.

After what I and Thiago [Santos] did to him, he's like, 'Man, I need to go up. These guys are getting too fast, they're getting too athletic, they're getting too good.' The heavyweights are still slow."

, as quoted by ESPN Reyes believes that his ego is overblown and that he does not want to admit that Reyes is exactly the reason for going to the different categories. It was Reyes who took his title that Jones was supposed to return, which it seems will not happen.

"I think his ego won't let him admit that I'm the reason [he moved up]," Reyes said. "I know he doesn't want to rematch me. He gave up the belt. You don't give up something you're proud of. ...

You earned that s---. Why would you just give it up unless you felt like you didn't earn it?" "The whole goal is to get the belt anyway," Reyes said. "It sucks that I can't beat Jon for it at this time.

But I'll catch him. I'll catch him later." He hit him again as if to provoke him into a fight and as if he felt anger at Jones' departure "Jon doesn't counterstrike, has no power, and he's not technical," Reyes said.

"He's just tricky." "[Jones is] the longtime light heavyweight champion. In my opinion, he's the greatest of all time, and if he wants to come back and take a shot at the heavyweight championship, I wouldn't have a problem with that," White said Tuesday night on SportsCenter.

"But he can't just jump in front of Ngannou right now."

Heavyweight title: Ngannou vs Miocic

White believes Jones will not have a chance to face Miocic any time soon and will have to wait for Ngannou to fight Miocic first.

"[Ngannou vs. Miocic is] definitely the fight that's going to happen at heavyweight now," White said. "Francis Ngannou has earned that title shot. Then we'll see what happens. "We have the top 4-5 [heavyweights] laid out for fights coming up in the fall. So we'll see when Jon Jones' timing is to come back and who makes sense for him."