UFC disappointed with UFC 263 PPV sales

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UFC disappointed with UFC 263 PPV sales

The first sales figures for the UC 263 show have surfaced and they are something the UFC will not be happy with. They were actually supposed to reveal to us what Israel Adesanya's popularity looks like after he suffered his first defeat in his career in the fight against Jan Blachowicz.

In addition, the program led by two title fights has been boosted by Nate Diaz so we can assume the UFC was hoping to number over one million or at least to surpass previous shows led by Adesanya. However, the opposite happened.

The Sports Business Journal reveals that the event experienced sales of about half a million broadcasts in the domestic market, with another hundred thousand internationally, leading to approximately 600 thousand. It is immediately clear that this is a lower number of 700 thousand broadcasts, generated by the show led by Adesanya in the fight against Paul Costa (on the same program was the fight between Blachowicz and Reyes) and as much as 800 thousand, how many broadcasts were sold for Adesanya's attack on Blachowicze light heavyweight title.

Nate Diaz Was Marvin Vettori simply an unattractive opponent, and the fight between Figueiredo and Moreno did not help in that direction at all? Why the effect of Nate Diaz, a fighter the UFC pays pretty well didn't help to an event like this, and what would the figure be if he wasn’t at it? These are the questions that should be answered by some of the next events at which the mentioned fight will take place.

As for Diaz, at UFC 244, which led the fight against Jorge Masvidal, there is no official data on the sale of the broadcast, but it is assumed that it must have gone over a million. But also Diaz had not helped Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier a few months earlier, whose first fight led to roughly half a million sales.

Who knows, maybe we only see the “Diaz effect” if Nate finds himself in the main fight. But the UFC doesn’t have to worry. Already on July 10 on the schedule, I UFC 264, led by the third fight of Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

There should be no disappointments for the owners of the promotion, and some even assume that the record of the fight between McGregor and Nurmagomedov could be broken. Back then, the number was really huge, 2.4 million.