Helwani revealed where we will watch him after leaving ESPN

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Helwani revealed where we will watch him after leaving ESPN

Ariel Helwani worked for ESPN for three years but recently announced that his contract with the American media house had expired, and there would be no continuation of the collaboration, at least for now. Today, Helwani announced on his social networks where he will continue his journalistic career and what he will do specifically.

The ten-time MMA Journalist of the Year winner returns to "MMA Fighting", and with the return of Helwani, his famous podcast called "MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani" returns. The first return episodes start this summer, more precisely from August 16th.

You can watch the podcast on the official Youtube channel of "MMA Fighting" Helwani started "MMA Hour" back in 2009, but after nine years of work, he switched to ESPN and started working on new projects.

The news is that the episodes will come out every Monday and Wednesday while before they came out every Monday. "I feel like the day hasn't passed without someone asking me to return tp 'MMA Hour' or to tell me how much they miss it.

I missed it too and so I am extremely excited to tell you that “MMA Hour” is coming back into your lives." "Man, how good it is to write this. '', SBNation quotes Helwani as saying.

Helwani is joining the BT SPORT

But that's not all.

On his Instagram profile, Ariel announced that he is joining the "BT Sport" team, for which he will do long interviews and similar MMA reports. "It’s coming home … and I’m coming home! I’ve long felt @btsport is one the leaders in sports production.

Their MMA coverage is second-to-none, their promos are the gold standard, and they are home to some of the best broadcasters in the space." "It’s a massive honor to be a small part of their great team. Can’t wait to get started and so thankful for the opportunity."

"I’ll be going out to do sit-downs, long-form interviews, walk and talks, the old school stuff. Also, some boxing and WWE. How fun! It is obvious that Helwani does not plan to stop with his quality work, and despite various disagreements with Dana White and the UFC leadership, Ariel Helwani is still a "hot commodity" in the media MMA market.

This news certainly delighted his many fans who followed him throughout his journalistic career, and indeed Helwani knew how to present things in a way much more interesting than others.