Chan Sung Jung wants a fight against Holloway

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Chan Sung Jung wants a fight against Holloway

The great performance and win against Dan Ige was exactly what Chan Sung Jung needed after last year’s defeat by Brian Ortega. Again, he is a relevant candidate to attack the very top, which is where he is seen. He is a bit disappointed that he was left without a bonus this time, but the victory is the most important.

The bonus would probably have come if there had been an stoppage, which he actually decided to apologize for at the press conference. "As I progress in the rankings, it's getting harder to get knocked out and I apologize for that," the Korean Zombie said after his first UFC win by referee decision, adding, "This is one of my first decisions after a long time.

I'm pleased with my performance. , I just confirm that at this level it's harder to win the way you want to. "


Once, in fact, he was only one second away from winning by referee's decision, when he suffered a knockout defeat by Yair Rodriguez, one of the most attractive in the history of the sport."

"It was a "brawl" that suits him and that is always expected of him. So it was expected in this fight against Igea, and in the end, but he obviously he changed his style "I expected it to be a 'brawl' and I was ready for it.

But the coaches told me to combine and tear him down," he revealed why he didn't choose his own fighting style. As for the next performance, he knows who he wants. After a defeat by Brian Ortega removed him from the planned journey, he believes he is now on it again.

And there in front of him stands the former champion, Max Holloway. Zombie seems to have a huge desire to meet Max and we hope that will happen. Both fighters are great and a fantastic match would await us "Max, his punches have no power.

I have it. Fighting Max or fighting for the title. Of course I'd like to fight for the belt first, but if I can't get it, then Max is my wish," Zombie said, recounting to his former opponent Yair Rodriguez. Namely, at that moment he did not know that Max had canceled the fight against him due to injury. Perhaps it is now more realistic to pair the former champion against the always attractive Korean fighter.