Luis Pena could end up in prison for 5 years!

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Luis Pena could end up in prison for 5 years!

Luis Pena made his last appearance within the UFC in April this year by defeating Alexander Munoz by a split refereeing decision. It looks like his next fight will be of a slightly different type, and it won’t happen under the auspices of the UFC but in front of the authorities.

"Violent Bob Ross" was arrested Friday in Coral Springs, a city in Florida. He is charged with robbery and using force. Christian Swinson, a spokesman for the Coral Springs police station, said the arrest warrant was actually issued by another police station, but they brought him in on a tip-off from an anonymous person.

Swinson said Penn may have already been awaiting a hearing on the robbery charges, but the UFC fighter missed the hearing or the charges were simply added during the investigation and triggered an arrest warrant. "The person who reported him anonymously is probably involved in the case and wants to put him in jail," Swinson told MMA Fighting.

Penny now faces up to five years in prison and a $ 5,000 fine just for robbery. If it is proven that he used force, injured someone, or used a deadly weapon, the punishment could be even more rigorous. The 27-year-old and his team have not yet commented on the matter.

The last we heard from Pena was on Twitter on Wednesday where he talked about his mental problems: '' People are not comfortable talking about this, but I've been going through mental difficulties my whole life.

I finally gathered the strength to seek and accept the help I had needed for a long time. If you have such problems, take me as an example and feel free to open up. '', Is a post on Luis' Twitter profile.


The third-ranked UFC welterweight fighter with his win against Nate Diaz at the UFC 263 event came to his ninth win in his last ten appearances.

The fight against Belal Muhammad ended in a "no contest" due to Edwards' poking wounds in the opponent's eye, but the fighter from Birmingham is nominally on nine wins in a row. In March 2019, Edwards had a confrontation with Jorge Masvidal in backstage of a UFC show, but despite the escalation of the conflict, the actors are still not paired inside the cage.

Rocky doesn't seem to be interested anymore. In an interview with John Gooden for the official UFC Youtube channel, Edwards commented on the potential match against "Gamebred" as well as his future plans. "I know everyone is talking about Masvidal, but I have been looking for a fight against him for two or three years.

I chased him, but he constantly rejected me even though the UFC wanted that fight." "I don't think I need that fight anymore. I'll wait for the opportunity for the belt. I've worked hard to get into this position, and waiting gives me more time to plan and prepare. "