Giga Chikadze wants to fight Holloway as a replacement for Rodriguez

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Giga Chikadze wants to fight Holloway as a replacement for Rodriguez

Max Holloway had to cancel a planned fight against Yair Rodriguez. Their showdown was supposed to lead the "UFC on ESPN 26" event on July 17 this year, but the former champion had to retire due to injury. Although it is mentioned that the UFC leadership has no plans to look for a replacement opponent for the Mexican, one name wants to jump in.

Giga Chikadze (13-2, 6-0 UFC) is a great Georgian fighter and is currently in a string of six wins within the UFC. He did his last fight on the first day of May, and it only took him 63 seconds to knock out the legendary Cuba Swanson.

One fight before the aforementioned, he knocked out Jamey Simmons also in the first round, and both appearances earned him a bonus for performing the evening. The Georgian has a lot of kickboxing and karate experience, and often through his Twitter profile, he offers himself as a replacement for various fights in which one of the fighters drops out due to injury or some other reason.

Nothing is different this time either, and Giga addressed the UFC and Yair in comments to the announcement of "MMA Junkie" with the words:

Chikadze post on Twitter

'' Let me save the show. Don't be scared homie.

'' tagging Yair Rodriguez, Sean Shelby, Dan White, Ali Abdelaziz, and the UFC's official Twitter profile. There is no doubt that the fight between "El Pantera" and the Georgian "Ninja" would be a fantastic fight of similar styles.

These are fighters who possess a series of attractive moves in the stance, and if Max Holloway is more seriously injured, there’s no reason why UFC matchmakers shouldn’t try to contract a fight like this. The only question is what Yair Rodriguez can get with a possible victory and whether it pays off to gamble against a fighter who is currently seven places lower than him.

Chikadze has shown his courage and readiness to fight many times so far, and indeed such courage should be rewarded with a fight in which he wants to show how good he is and that no one can stand in his way. Now it's the UFC's turn to consider how much the fight will pay off and whether the fight is what UFC fans want to see. We might find out something new, but everyone is hoping to see such a spectacle