Weidman apologized to Silva for the injury

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Weidman apologized to Silva for the injury

Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman is currently recovering from a severe leg fracture he suffered in late April at a UFC 261 event. After just 17 seconds of fighting, Weidman’s kick to Urijah Hall’s leg didn’t go well and the former UFC middleweight champion suffered a fractured lower leg bone.

Of course, all MMA fans immediately remembered Anderson Silva who suffered an almost identical leg fracture in 2013 right against Chris Weidman. The public and many fans then resented Chris Weidman for his reaction. Despite the pain and suffering that Anderson Silva was experiencing at the time, "All American" energetically celebrated his victory.

Less than six and a half years later, Weidman suffered the same fate, and of course, there was no shortage of comments claiming that karma had come. Whether it was karma or not, both injuries looked terrible and there is hope that we will see something like this as rarely as possible.

Chris Weidman decided to launch his own podcast during his rehab. He called it "Won't Back Down", and the first guest was Anderson Silva. The two former champions also touched on the injuries during the conversation.

'' The first thing I remembered after my leg broke was you. I couldn't believe it, but I immediately thought of you. I remember when the same thing happened to you, I wasn’t immediately aware of what happened to you."

"Then I heard a scream as if someone was dying and I understood. I’ve been feeling bad about this situation all week, but as time goes on, you gradually start to forget about it all. Now I understand what kind of pain you were going through, '' Chris Weidman said.


The 37-year-old American is obviously tormented by the impression he left with his celebration after Silva's broken leg and decided to correct things with an apology: '' My situation has aroused much greater empathy for you.

I never said this out loud, but for a long time, I had the intention. I want to apologize to you, '' Chris added. Anderson Silva accepted the apology but in fact, did not resent the former champion. He showed a total understanding of his reaction at the time: '' You know Chris, I already told you this over the phone.

When you enter the cage, you are not aware of much during the fight. You invest your energy and your adrenaline levels are high." "Your reaction was normal. You don't have to apologize to me, people just don't understand what's going on inside (inside the arena).

" It is truly great to see the two greats of this sport showing each other mutual respect and compassion for the horrific injuries that have befallen them. Chris Weidman could hardly find a better and more suitable guest for the first episode of his podcast, and we will follow with interest who he will host in the next episodes.