Masvidal on Edwards: "He is neither a finisher nor a fighter"

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Masvidal on Edwards: "He is neither a finisher nor a fighter"

The popular "Gamebred" has made the last two appearances against the same opponent. He has twice fought for the UFC welterweight belt, but Kamaru Usman has proven to be a better fighter both times. Especially impressive was the victory of the Nigerian in the return match.

Jorge Masvidal was brutally knocked out at the start of the second round and is now ready to return. The 36-year-old planned to do one fight by the end of the year, preferably in October or November. During a press conference ahead of the first event of his "bare-knuckle" promotion called "Gamebred Fighting Championship" to be held tonight, Jorge Masvidal looked back at potential opponents in his next fight.

Asked by reporters about names like Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, and Leon Edwards, Masvidal said he didn't care. '' Anyone, all three listed. Whoever of the three is free in the tenth or eleventh month, his head will fall next, '' said the confident Masvidal.

Still, the currently seventh-ranked UFC welterweight would love to have someone above him as his next opponent. Leon Edwards is the only one of the three mentioned to meet the criteria, and there have been unresolved accounts between him and Masvidal since March 2019.

Verbal conflict

The duo met in the media room just after the London show led by Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till. There was a brief verbal confrontation and Masvidal then fired several blows at Rocky. It was then that the martial arts world became acquainted with the "three pieces and a soda" phase, which, according to Jorge's explanation, would mean "three quick punches and something extra"

Due to a combination of circumstances and the divergence of roads through the welterweight category, the actors of the mentioned situation have not yet found themselves on opposite sides of the Octagon. Jorge Masvidal thinks Leon Edwards is talented, but he didn't completely impress him with his last performance against Nate Diaz: '' It was a good performance, Leon did his job.

But he is constantly looking for more money and bigger things, and he is not ending fights. He is neither a finisher nor a fighter." "He won smoothly but was not willing to take the risk to come to victory by a stoppage.

I think that's why he's not in the position he wants to be." "He is a very skilled fighter, but he just doesn't have that fighting spirit in him, that will to beat a top fighter the way he should, '' Gamebred said, referring to a possible opponent.