Belfort onJake Paul: "My daughter would knock him out"

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Belfort onJake Paul: "My daughter would knock him out"

It’s a bit ironic that Belfort touches on things like this in a negative context. Namely, about ten days ago, the legendary Brazilian arranged a fight against Mike Holston, better known as "The Real Tarzan"

He is a guy who is a big fan of animals and wildlife, and he gained fame on Instagram, where he is followed by over six million people. The popular "Tarzann" has no martial arts experience, and their fight should take place this weekend, on June 19th.

Still, that hasn't stopped "The Phenom" from touching on the fight of former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who will compete with the increasingly popular Jake Paul.

Belfort on Paul

The Brazilian veteran is particularly irritated by the choice of opponents by the young Youtube star.

As a reminder, Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren in his last fight in the first round. '' I have nothing against them (YouTubers). They make money, but they are not boxers. I would knock out Tyron Woodley with one hand.

Askren? Not even worth mentioning. The guy is a wrestler, a great wrestler but my kid can beat him." The context in which Belfort also mentioned his daughter is interesting "My daughter Victoria can knock out those two guys because they don’t know how to box.

My kids have been boxing since childhood, '' Vitor Belfort said in an interview with MMA Fighting. Belfort obviously doesn't like the fact that Jake Paul didn’t pick him as his next opponent, despite he called out Paul.

He believes that the younger of the Paul brothers tactically choose MMA fighters who are primarily wrestlers because he knows there are chances against them. '' I think fighters like Woodley and Askren are the worst representatives of MMA.

I can fight them both on the same night and knock them out. He wouldn't survive two rounds with me, and they represent MMA on the boxing scene, '' Vitor Belfort added. Quite confident statements by the 44-year-old Brazilian who recorded his last MMA victory back in 2017 by defeating Nate Marquardt.

A year later, he lost to Lyot Machida and then announced his retirement. Retirement was short-lived as he signed with the “ONE Championship” promotion in 2019, but left the Asian promotion before making his debut.

It is easily possible that Belfort will use the eventual victory against "Tarzann" to further call out one of the Paul brothers.