Dana White wants Adesanya vs Whittaker II

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Dana White wants Adesanya vs Whittaker II

After winning in the third successful UFC middleweight title defense last weekend, Israel Adesanya won’t have to wait long before he starts preparing for the next one. And he already knows who his opponent should be that way.

In fact, it's about a fighter who was planned for this fight as well, but the term after his last performance did not suit him at all, so Vettori jumped in instead. It is, of course, about Robert Whittaker. Adesanya took Robert's title at the end of 2019 and with three victories after that, Whittaker absolutely deserved a rematch.

This was confirmed to the media by Dana White after the UFC 263 event. "A couple of days before this fight took place, Adesanya said he wanted to fight again in October. This is like he has never fought before and right after fight he talks about the next fight." "I would love that, Adesanya has become a great champion.

We will try to arrange Whittaker and him as soon as possible, "White said, turning briefly to the location: "Are you talking about New Zealand or Australia? Honestly, I doubt it. It's like asking if we're going to go to Canada in October, they're in almost the same situation."

Adesanya is not interested

Whittaker sent a message to Adesanya immediately after the fight, aware that their second fight was what followed.

“Rest up, see you soon,” he wrote. Adesanya is not really interested in this fight, which he said many times, even his coach made a rather nebulous statement that Whittaker needs another victory to deserve an attack on the title.

But that fight is on the line and the current champion will definitely have a more motivated and willing former champion against him than he was last time, when he broke the record of visiting one UFC event, with a spectacle at the stadium in Melbourne.

Whittaker is really in great shape and it looks like the match against Adesanya was just a bad day for Robert. It is certain that after 3 matches and 3 victories he is full of self-confidence and motivation, and if we take into account that Adesanya is the one who took away his title, the motivation will be even higher.

Adesanya doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone, but this time he seems to want to avoid Whittaker who is certainly the biggest threat to his belt. We certainly hope that the news of the fight agreement will be in a soon time

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