Edwards believes he deserves the title fight

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Edwards believes he deserves the title fight

A number of unfortunate circumstances have befallen Edwards in previous years and he is considered one of the most unfortunate fighters on the UFC roster. In the first half of 2020, he was supposed to lead an event in his homeland against Tyrone Woodley, but the show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

His fight was canceled three times, and that was against Khamzat Chimaev's. Leon finally gets the fight in the third month of this year, but again he had no luck. The match against Belal Muhammad was stopped at the very beginning of the second round, but the reason for the stoppage was Edwards' poke in the opponent's eye.

The official result of the match is "No contest", and the English fighter came to the situation that he has been waiting for victory for almost two years after he defeated Rafael Dos Anjos in July 2019. Despite a convincing victory against Nate Diaz, many are in doubt about the great "Rocky", and the reason for that is the last minute of the fight in which Diaz came close to victory.

Leon Edwards is now on nine wins in his last ten UFC appearances and rightly believes he deserves a chance for the belt currently held by the great Kamara Usman.


Still, it looks like the unfortunate fighter from Birmingham will once again run into problems in his plans.

Namely, UFC President Dana White at the press conference after Sunday's show said that Edwards' victory does not change things and that Colby Covington is still next in line. '' Jorge vs Leon is always a good choice.

That fight will always hang somewhere in the air. I think Leon is currently the third-ranked welterweight in the world. We'll see what's next for him." "I’m not sure if it’s Masvidal, but Colby Covington is next in line to attack the belt, and after that we’ll see what happens, ”Dana White said.

Edwards, of course, disagrees, and he touched on the same topic in the aforementioned press release: '' I think I should be the next to attack the belt. I have nine, ten wins in a row. No one else is doing what I am doing, no one is willing to fight with anyone, with Khamzat, Diaz, Belal."

"These guys aren’t even in the top 10, and I’m the only one who accepts fights against them. Everyone else complains and sits on the sidelines. So I think I definitely deserve an attack on the title. "