Adesanya shocked by Vettori's attitude after the fight

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Adesanya shocked by Vettori's attitude after the fight

Marvin Vettori has been given the opportunity to try to prove that he is a better fighter than Israel Adesanya, which he claims since the defeat he suffered in April 2018 by a split referee's decision. In the end, he performed much worse than then and suffered a convincing defeat.

Yet he believed he was better. This could already be concluded after when the end of the fight was marked, he triumphantly raised his hands in the air, and the same was confirmed by Israel Adesanya at a press conference, where he recounted what their conversation looked like after the fight.

"I don't know what to say about him. Even at the end of the fight, I asked him if he could at least admit that I won this fight. He asked me 'Which one? This fight? You mean this fight?'" "I asked him if he was serious.

I couldn't believe it. He has the mentality of Eric Cartman. Sometimes you have to believe in your own shit. But he says I believe in my hype too much? But wow, after this, who believes in their hype?" Adesanya said, immediately turning to his own example: "I won't say who it is, but after my last fight, some people from my camp said I won.

I told them it was close, but that I would accept defeat and use it to grow." "I will learn something. If I wanted to have that mentality, I could still stick to Jan, but it's so stupid. You won't grow like that.

I'm growing on the way I learn from my mistakes. You go back in front of the board and your progress. and something that makes you better. "

Accepting defeat

Adesanya believes that Vettori must first accept what happened and that he will automatically become a better fighter than he is.

"I don't understand where his mentality comes from. Accept defeat, it's a part of life. Accept and allow yourself to progress. My advice to him is to look in the mirror." "Admit to yourself that Israel is better than you.

Israel is better than you. Izzy is a lot better than you. There was nothing you could do to him, but you will be better after that." "Trust me, he will be better the next fight if he does it the right way. But first, you have to leave this behind, "he tried to advise the fighter he is now already mastered twice.

This was Adesanya's third successful defense of the middleweight title, a category in which he still doesn't know about defeat.