Adesanya was too dominant in the match against Vettori

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Adesanya was too dominant in the match against Vettori

Much more convincing and dominant than in April 2018, Israel Adesanya defeated Marvin Vettori. Although the Italian announced that he was coming to the UFC 263 event to take what he felt was unjustifiably missed by the referees for the first time, he was left without any opportunity to endanger the champion who successfully defended the middleweight title for the third time.

The very beginning of the fight left the impression that it could be different after all. After testing his strength, where Adesanya showed that he would rely on his kicks, Vettori at one point grabbed his left and they were on the floor.

Adesanya, however, settled well on the floor and got back on his feet in the third minute. He immediately felt the distance and started hitting, and at the end of the round, he performed a top series where a few punches hit Vettori seriously and sent him into a corner.

That warning was actually an announcement of what would happen in the second section, during which Izzy controlled the situation and slowly increased the damage. Vettori's right leg suffered the most and he visibly slowed down.

The Italian managed to shorten the distance a few times and tried something, but without success.


It worked for him, however, right at the beginning of the third, when he registered the demolition at the very beginning and started attacking his neck.

Adesanya’s great coping is credited with the turn and his coming to the top position. This was followed by getting up during which the Italian tried to catch his leg, but it was nothing dangerous. He attacked Vettori, but all that would only result in receiving bombs from the counter.

The same thing continued in the fourth round, with only one situation where Vettori briefly found himself in the top position, but again failed to gain control. Adesanya combined better and better and this already looked like the educating he had announced before the fight.

Anything Vettori would try would be without effect, while on the other hand, Adesanya's repertoire is so large that he would hit something new every now and then. He wanted to fight, in fact, he seemed to enjoy it and so on until the end of the last round, after which he could triumphantly raise his hands, achieving one of the most convincing victories in his career.

In the middleweight division, he is truly untouchable at the moment and the question is what Robert Whittaker can offer in the rematch. Referee cards were three times a clean 50-45 in favor of Adesanya.