Diaz after the fight: "I still think I'm a better fighter than him"

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Diaz after the fight: "I still think I'm a better fighter than him"
Diaz after the fight: "I still think I'm a better fighter than him" (Provided by Sport World News)

Leon Edwards successfully went through the fight against Nate Diaz. The Englishman came to his ninth victory in a row thanks to dominance through the first 24 of a total of 25 minutes of fighting. It was only towards the very end that he relaxed and questioned his victory after Diaz hit a combination that shook him but didn’t finish.

After the fight itself, Nate thanked the fans, adding that his preparations were disrupted by the fact that the fight originally planned for May 16 had been canceled. He added something more detailed about that at the press conference.

"I experienced a cut in training, so we had to postpone the fight. After that, I lost motivation to train and prepare in the right way. So I procrastinated in recent months, trying to prepare for a war like this." "At the end of the day, I felt.

.. he won or whatever, but I still think I'm a better fighter than him, despite everything. I think the highlight of the fight is what happened in the end and that is the only thing worth mentioning, "Nate said, thus explaining that he considers his last-minute more important than everything Edwards had done before

He didn't care

He added that in the Octagon he acted as if he didn't care.

It was as if he had come to do his fight as easily as he could. "I just walked through this fight, trying to go to some next level. I didn’t think I was in danger at any point. Yes, I experienced a cut and that's bad. But as I said, I was unmotivated and I was just trying not to use any energy.

I was just sailing, "the explanation is in his style. In the end, he earned a standing ovation from the fans, and they could be more than happy with what he said about his next fight. "I want to fight in three or four months.

I'm ready to jump in as soon as possible, I'm not damaged. I'm back in training next week. I just didn't have the motivation now because I spent it all on the fight that was originally supposed to happen in Texas. I had to wait instead another month, ”he announced his return, concluding the reasons for this defeat along the way.

Diaz had many excuses at the end of the match, in which Edwards deservedly won. However, we will find out in the next match whether his excuses are correct