Nate Diaz: "I don't care if I win or lose, I'll fight for the title"

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Nate Diaz: "I don't care if I win or lose, I'll fight for the title"

Nate Diaz returned and immediately drew media attention in his own style. Although he is not in the rankings, although he has not won since the summer of 2019, when Nate appears, it is almost as if the champion has appeared.

And he is also a fighter who, no matter the ranking, is never far from a possible title fight. So he thinks it's no different now. "I don't care if I win or lose, I'll fight for the title. But the plan is to win and then see who's next for me," Nate told The Rolling Stone, further explaining how he enters this fight as if fighting for the title.

Winning streak

Many were surprised to accept Leon Edwards as an opponent, but Dana White revealed how Nate called them and asked for it. He says a sufficient reason for such a thing was Edwards ’winning streak, no matter how famous and popular he was.

"He's a top fighter, a guy who wins against everyone so why not fight the best guy I can? It's impressive when someone is able to put together so many wins in a row," Diaz showed one of his competitive sides.

But to consider himself the main fight of the show, independently of the two title fights, he revealed by stipulating that the fight against “Rocky” must be in five rounds. "Yes, I became part of history.

I asked to fight in the main fight in five rounds, and they told me they already had the main fight. I said I don't care. For myself, I am the main fight anyway and so they should give me five rounds ", he explained, adding: "It's good to be in action and be able to do my job.

I'm looking forward to it, the main thing is to do the best I can and then what happens. He knows how to win and this is a serious fight for me. I have to kill that bastard." Fans are happiest that Nate again, for the first time since November 2019, will be in the action.

If he wins, they could see him in an even bigger fight, the one for the title. The UFC is not interested in the opinion of many that for sporting reasons Diaz did not deserve a title fight, his name is enough to make such a fight great.

Diaz will have a big motive in this match, because he knows that this match can be important for his future in many ways.