Ngannou: "I want Jon Jones. I definitely want him"

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Ngannou: "I want Jon Jones. I definitely want him"

After spending some time in his native Cameroon, Francis Ngannou has returned to the U.S., where he is ready to work on his first title defense, which was supposed to happen in August at the UFC 265 event. So it has not been confirmed yet, so many are wondering where it got stuck, or if there are any problems.

Following that topic, the UFC heavyweight champion in Beverly Hills was intercepted by a TMZ reporter, who tried to find out if his next fight would be against Derrick Lewis or Jon Jones and which of the two he would prefer to see against himself.

"I want Jon Jones. I definitely want him, I don't care what people talk about. I like that fight," he replied shortly, not mentioning Lewis. After that, the topic became Jon Jones, and the fact that his transformation into a heavyweight looks very good for now.

He looks big and strong, but Ngannou is the man who is actually a real example of heavy strength. "I'm also a big guy, aren't I. I'm also strong. I'm impressed with his transition to the heavyweight division.

I know how skilled a fighter he is and how talented he is. I appreciate and respect all that. But we're both men and we'll find out who is better, ”Ngannou confirmed, before continuing on his way.


The fight against Lewis has not yet been officially announced and it can be assumed that the reason for this is the fact that Jones has hired a new manager, Richard Schaefer, who should be in charge of the UFC to meet conditions that will suit his client.

Is Ngannou waiting for the outcome of the situation before signing the contract that Lewis stated he had already received? By all accounts, Ngannou wants a fight against Jones who is one of the greatest fighters. Ngannou doesn't seem interested in fighting Lewis and seems to be already in the ring with Jones.

Certainly, most would wish for a fight between Ngannou and Jones given that we know what quality they both have. Such a fight would be a real spectacle and would certainly be considered one of the biggest fights in the UFC.

Who is the favorite? Given that Ngannou is in shape but also in his category, he would certainly have an advantage, but we know that Jones is a brutal fighter and that Ngannou would have big problems with him.