Adesanya on Vettori: "I want to educate him for five rounds"

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Adesanya on Vettori: "I want to educate him for five rounds"

BehindIsrael Adesanya and Marvin Vettori is the 2018 match, which went to today’s champion by a split decision of the referees. It was a fight in which Adesanya was a more concrete fighter in the first two rounds, while Vettori did a great job in the third thanks to the pressure and fitness.

The fact that one referee gave the Italian the first round led to a split decision, but also to the fact that Vettori has been claiming since that day that the victory should have belonged to him. All of this has led to motivation largely credited to his winning streak worthy of a title attack.

And while he was accomplishing the same, Adesanya was on his mind the whole time. After all the provocations, Vettori will have a chance to revenge, against a fighter who actually reacted indifferently to most of it. "It doesn't excite or irritate me, it's actually intriguing to me.

I'm intrigued by how someone can be so misguided. But it's behind us now. It's over and I left it behind." "Obviously he's not so I'm intrigued by how someone can hold on to a defeat as if it were his biggest win, ”the champion was quoted as saying by MMA Weekly.

Message for Vettori

And while we mentioned that the defeat from the first fight was the motivation for Vettori, the motivation for Adesanya came at the right time. While he apparently ignored the provocations, he had a desire to win the second fight and leave a significant message.

"I want to educate him for five rounds, from bell to bell, in every situation. On the fence, on the floor, on my feet. I want him to look at me at the end of the fight with the realization that I'm a better fighter than him.

And how I will always be," Adesanya said extremely motivated Vettori's series does not impress him. In fact, he finds it not worth mentioning compared to what he did during that time. "If you put our results side by side, from the time we fought until today, I can only name two of his opponents worth mentioning.

They are Jack Hermansson and Kevin Holland." "Look at the list of those I fought against, I can list them all because they are well-known and ranked fighters. Dangerous fighters, not some nameless passers-by." "So, I know I'm better. I progressed, that's why I'm the champion and he's not, " Adesanya concluded