If Nate Diaz wins, he will have a title match!

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If Nate Diaz wins, he will have a title match!

The UFC 263 fight between Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz is the first in the history of the promotion to be held in five rounds, without being the main fight of the event or the fight for the title. But, it is so important and for many, it is more interesting at the beginning than the two fights for the title of champion that lead the event.

The very return of Nate Diaz after November 2019 is intriguing, and we know that it is never boring around him. And all that to the satisfaction of the UFC and their president, Dane White. In an interview with Submission Radio, White revealed how that fight came about by asking how he managed to persuade Diaz, knowing that he is someone who is always looking for only big and famous names.

"Nate was looking for that fight. Leon is the guy with the worst luck ever, the last year and a half have been brutal for him. I wasn't surprised that Nate was looking for him because he always wants to fight the best."

"You know Nate is the guy who will fight according to his own schedule. He called us and said he wanted that fight. It's a brave move. It was great for Leon to be called out by Nate and if he wins a lot more people will know who he is, "White commented.

As Edwards is currently the third-ranked welterweight fighter and is within a string of eight wins, it is to be expected that his win against Diaz should be enough to attack the title.


But the big surprise is the statement that the outcome is the same even if he loses.

Of course, after Colby Covington who was promised that he would be next and that a rematch of the fight against Usman would follow. "Colby Covington is definitely next. The last time we did Masvidal because Usman wanted that fight, but his first fight against Colby is one of the best fights I've ever seen.

Whoever wins this fight is the next one after Colby," White confirmed. Here we come to the problem. As much as the victory against Edwards would be worth to Nate Diaz, we must certainly mention that he is, above all, a lightweight fighter, who has so far recorded four victories and defeats in the welterweight division.

In addition, he has also achieved his last two welterweight victories against lightweight fighters who have actually "strayed" into that division, Conor McGregor and Anthony Pettis. They date to 2019 and 2016.

He achieved the previous two victories in welterweight back in 2010, against fighters whose names mean little to those most passionate fans (Rony Markham and Marcus Davis). Also, Nate Diaz is not ranked in the welterweight rankings, which would mean he would skip all those who work hard for their chance and slowly climb the ladder.

Nate’s overall ratio in the UFC, of ​​15 wins and ten losses, is also far from impressive. But the win against Conor has made him a star capable of making big sales, and that’s what’s most important to the UFC.