Edwards wants to reach Usman with a victory against Diaz

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Edwards wants to reach Usman with a victory against Diaz

One of the most impressive series in the UFC right now belongs to Leon Edwards. The Englishman has celebrated in the last eight completed fights, only the last one was stopped earlier due to an involuntary pock in the eye of Belal Muhammad so it ended without a winner.

His series began in December 2015, when he was defeated by the only welterweight whose series is even more impressive than his. Of course, it's about the champion, Kamaru Usman. Edwards will be fighting against Nate Diaz at the UFC 263 show this coming weekend and his main goal is to become a challenger that way, which many say he should become.

If he wins a new fight against the champion, he knows what his path to victory will be, that is, avoiding what happened to him last time when Usman celebrated with a unanimous referee's decision. He revealed this in an interview for BT Sports.

Edwards on Usman

"Usman's fighting skills on his feet have certainly improved since he changed the hall. In fact, I think he fell in love with his hands. No wonder, yet he managed to finish Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington, and Gilbert Burns, it's not hard to fall in love with his hands after that."

"But I think that's exactly what it's going to cost him, it's going to be the reason for his downfall. He's going to fall in love with his hands and punches so much that it's going to come to an end, "Leon said Before that, Edwards will have to defeat Nate Diaz, who enters the fight motivated by the fact that by winning he can take away Leon's current status and to be one of the potential challengers.

Edwards is the favorite at the start, but we have seen many times what Nate Diaz can do when he prepares for the fight in the right way and when he has a goal to look at. Edwards has so far proved to be a complete fighter, good in absolutely all segments of the fight, with visible progress with each fight.

For some reason, the UFC hasn’t considered him worthy of a title attack so far, but a triumph against a name like Diaz would certainly make him more familiar to some followers. And that is what it takes to sell PPV with his name.

Edwards is aware of the importance of this fight and he is certainly very motivated before the match with Diaz