Dana White confirmed the return of Nick Diaz to the octagon

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Dana White confirmed the return of Nick Diaz to the octagon

Rumors about Nick Diaz's return to the arena have been updated since the middle of last year. One of the most popular fighters of all time returned full training late last summer, with the goal of proving to himself how he can fight again at the highest level.

After succeeding in this, he ordered his managers to arrange a fight for him. For now, that’s all that matters, Nick’s return is still awaited, and the one who has to give the green light is UFC President Dana White.

He wasn’t a fan of the idea until recently, but apparently, something has changed in the meantime. "I wasn't too excited about it because I didn't believe it was going to happen this year, but right now everything seems like it will.

It looks like Nick Diaz is going to fight this year, it seems really promising," White told Farahm Hannoun, from UFC Arabia.


Nick and Dana met recently, and White wasn’t convinced at the time that Diaz should be given a chance.

He said they had a great conversation, but also how he was looking for proof that Nick really wanted it and that, despite the fact that he had told him personally, he had failed to convince him of it. In the meantime, though they didn’t talk, some things seem to have changed.

"The last time I saw him was in Jacksonville, but we didn't talk. I left that to the matchmakers, but everything leads to him fighting," the UFC president confirmed with a smile on his face. Nick Diaz had his last fight in January 2015, when he was defeated by Anderson Silva, but that fight was eventually annulled as they both failed a doping test.

His last victory dates back to 2011, when he defeated B.J. Penna, thus winning the position of UFC challenger for the welterweight title. He failed to win the title against Georges St-Pierre. He is scheduled to be at UFC 263 this week alongside his brother Nate, who will be fighting Leon Edwards there.

An encounter with White is so very likely, and then it might be better known who and when Nick could fight. If there is a fight and his return, his match will arouse great public interest, since we know what status he had in the UFC. It will be interesting to know his opponent. Whoever it is, he will not have an easy opponent against a motivated Diaz