Romero: "Fans could see me very, very quick"

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Romero: "Fans could see me very, very quick"
Romero: "Fans could see me very, very quick" (Provided by Sport World News)

Since he canceled the fight he was supposed to do on May 7 against Anthony Johnson, not much has been heard about Yoel Romero. The light heavyweight tournament thus continued without him, and the reason for the cancellation of the 44-year-old Cuban is still unknown.

Whether it was an injury or something else, we probably won’t even find out in the end. But we found out where Yoel is. He is in the American Top Team in Florida and should soon return to the arena, as well as his first fight after March last year and an unsuccessful attack on the UFC title.

He was then defeated by Israel Adesanya, after which he did not extend his collaboration with the UFC. He was interviewed in the hall by The Schmo, who immediately found out that the Cuban should be ready soon to confront someone.

Romero seems to be as motivated as he used to be and is looking forward to the next fight. Surely a fighter like him is used to fighting often, and MMA still seems to be in his blood "Fans can see me very, very quickly. Possibly in August.

Maybe I'll fight in the light heavyweight division, and maybe in the middleweight division." "I want to fight for the belt in both categories and I'll be there soon. But I think I'll fight in the light heavyweight division first.

I want to kill someone, ”Yoel said, thus announcing his recent performance.

Biggest Bellator fight ever

As he dropped out of the tournament, it is currently not possible to fight Johnson, which has already been announced as the biggest Bellator fight ever.

Namely, Johnson defeated the reserve fighter and stayed in the tournament where he is currently preparing for the semifinals. But an opponent will be found, there is no doubt about it, just as Yoel has no doubt that the aforementioned fight of two big hitters will happen over time.

Romero seems to intend to fight Jonhson and believes that this fight will happen soon "There are a lot of good fighters and tough fights in the division, there are a lot of former UFC fighters. I believe that in time I will fight against Anthony Johnson as well, that fight has to happen," he confirmed.

Although probably the oldest elite professional MMA fighter in the world, Yoel is not looking at any retirement option.He truly is a miracle of nature.