Rozenstruik: "Yes, Blaydes is the name I want"

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Rozenstruik: "Yes, Blaydes is the name I want"

With the last second of the first round, Jairzinho Rozenstruik reached her 12th professional victory on Sunday, the 11th which he registered by knockout or technical knockout. He achieved all six triumphs under the auspices of the UFC with a stoppage, and his hand was raised only once after reading the referee cards.

It happened back in 2018, when he had Andrei Kovalev (9-1) as his opponent in Rizin, a fighter for whom this was his first defeat, and at the same time, according to currently available data, the last match in his career.

This time, the Brazilian Augusto Sakai fell from the blows of the Surinamese heavyweight, who tied two defeats in Las Vegas for the first time in his career. With a new win, ‘Bigi Boy’ has successfully defended sixth place in the challenger rankings, but what’s next? Who is the ideal opponent for Jairzinha? UFC's TOP 5 Heavyweight Challengers:
Champion: Francis Ngannou 1.

Stipe Miocic
2. Derrick Lewis
3. Ciryl Gane
4. Curtis Blaydes
5. Alexander Volkov It is clear that Surinamese after a fight with a lower-ranked opponent is now interested in someone from the TOP 5, but who? Although he asked for a quick return to the cage at the press conference and a fight with any better-ranked heavyweight, in the ESPN studio, one name surfaced - and his name is Curtis Blaydes.

Curtis Blaydes

"Yes, that's the name I want, and he's been looking for this match for a long time. If he still wants it and if he's ready, then let's go. He's ranked better than me (4th), and I'm looking for someone to bring me back to TOP 3, someone through whom I will re-enter the combinations to attack the title."

"If that fight can lead me to that - I am interested, "said Rozenstruik. It would be a classic clash of styles. Blaydes would definitely have a big advantage in the wrestling segment and there is no doubt that ‘grappling’ would be his plan A, B, and C, especially considering that a slightly longer stay on his feet cost him dearly in his last fight, the one against Derrick Lewis.

Who would be your favorite in this potential fight? Certainly, this fight would be interesting and full of sparks, considering that Rosenstruik wants to continue with the rhythm he started. If he won this fight, he would have an open path to achieving his goal