GSP believes Jones would make a mistake by fighting Miocic

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GSP believes Jones would make a mistake by fighting Miocic

For many, the greatest fighter in the history of MMA, Canadian Georges St-Pierre, looked back at the current heavyweight soap opera and explained why Jon Jones would “make a mistake” by accepting a fight against Stipe Miocic.

We’ve been constantly hearing stories about Jones ’heavyweight debut since the summer of last year, but the same hasn’t happened to this day. The plan and the offer existed, the best light heavyweight in history was offered a fight with the current heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, but he got stuck where he usually gets stuck - on money.

Jones was obviously asking for more than the UFC was willing to offer and that resulted in a change of plan. UFC President Dana White turned to the fight between Ngannou and Derrick Lewis and he offered Miocic to "Bones", but he also refused because he is not interested in anything that does not bring the title.

Did Jon make the right decision? If you ask the legendary GSP, the answer is - YES. "I think Jon should fight the champion, not Stipe. I think he should fight Francis Ngannou. If I were him ... Look, we when we talk about it, we talk like it's about chess because these are really big and important decisions."

"Even though the odds are on your side, it doesn't mean you will always win. I think Jon would make a mistake if he accepts the fight against Stipe, "St-Pierre said in Steve-O's Wild Ride podcast.


The former king of welterweight, but also the champion in the middleweight category presented his forecast for that, obviously, unfortunate match.

"I believe Jones would beat Stipe. However, why to risk that fight when you can wait and fight the champion and maybe add another belt to your collection." "If that happened, Jon Jones could retire as the best of all time.

His value will rise more than anyone's, and then another world would open up to him in retirement." "He could do whatever he wants. The problem with some is that they linger too long in the sport. They consider them the best, but they linger too long in all of that."

"Their value then starts to decline and then, when they retire, some doors don't open for them. That's why you should withdraw while you're at the top," GSP concluded. And indeed, many agree with the GSP opinion even though everyone would love to watch Jones in the ring, with anyone