Alvarez addressed the public regarding MMA and Boxing

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Alvarez addressed the public regarding MMA and Boxing

The madness created by the Paul brothers in the world of martial arts is still there. In fact, after arranging a boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, the brothers are the topic more than ever. And various fighters or people from the world of martial arts have commented on what is happening.

One of those who felt the need to express his opinion on everything was former UFC and Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. He doesn't really like the very idea that boxers call out MMA fighters and that MMA fighters go to their field.

He asks them to have the courage to fight according to the rules of mixed combat. He summed up his opinion in a Twitter post. "We fight in rings, cages, circles, and mats ... Anywhere is just fine for us... But We Really Fight !!!

If you let 10 boxers out in a cell and 10 MMA fighters Whose gonna life and whose gonna Die ... the Case closed. Take your gloves and shoes and shove them Up Your A** !!" was the status of Underground King", a fighter who is currently competing in the ONE Championship.

Woodley fight

Eddie is obviously particularly hurt by the fact that MMA fighters are losing and he is certainly afraid that Woodley's defeat would resonate in the world if such an outcome occurs, which even bookmakers currently consider more likely.

A former UFC champion with four successful title defenses defeated by a man who has been boxing for two years? Nasty, isn't it? As for the famous boxers who have tried their hand at MMA, there are really few of them.

The most famous is certainly James Toney, one of the best boxers of the 90s and 2000s. He had a fight against Randy Couture in the UFC arena and ended ingloriously. He was defeated by a break after three minutes of the first round.

Kickboxers are much braver in this regard, and some have made really great results after switching from their base sport to MMA. But even if Woodley were defeated, that would mean nothing, given that Woodley was already in his serious years and not even close to the fighter he once was.

These two sports are connected, but there is a huge difference between them and it is certainly necessary to have more courage in MMA, which is even more dangerous and which requires much more skills. But certainly great respect for fighters from both sports who show great courage