Beneil Dariush believes Oliveira owes him a fight

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Beneil Dariush believes Oliveira owes him a fight

Beneil Dariush slowly and patiently climbed the UFC rankings, and after seven wins in a row, the last of which was achieved against Tony Ferguson, he reached third place in the challenger rankings. Only Dariusz Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier are in front of him and, of course, champion Charles Oliveira.

And in his conversation with MMA Fighting, Dariush just touched on the newly crowned lightweight ruler and reminded him of their match that never happened "I think Charles owes me a fight. I accepted a 'short notice' against him after meeting Scott Holtzman.

I remember the day after that fight Sean Shelby called me and asked if I would fight with Charles in five weeks, and I accepted it ”Dariush began. Beneil and Oliveira were due to settle accounts in October 2020, but the Brazilian then had to cancel his performance.

Namely, certain family problems were an obstacle in holding the match, but Beneil believes that now there is nothing that would prevent them from fighting. "He had some family problems and retired, and then he called out Tony Ferguson and so avoided me.

Eventually, he got the fight he was looking for, and then he attacked the belt." "I don't want to belittle his success, he did what he did, but now it's his turn to give me what he owes me. "

Dariush believes he would be a nightmare for Oliveira

Dariush is aware of all the qualities of the current champion, but he also believes that his style is a real nightmare for him.

"I think of the TOP 5 fighters for him I'm the worst possible 'matchup' I have grappling that beats his. I have hitting skills that surpass his, and I think I'm stronger than him and I can outplay him in everything he has to offer.", Dariush concluded.

Indeed, Dariush looks optimistic and full of self-confidence, but the question is how realistic it is to make such a wish come true, given that Oliveira certainly has some other plans. Yet, if Oliveira is a man of his word, it would be important for him to have that fight and show that he is a stable personality and to make amends for what he has done before.

Both fighters are fantastic at the moment and it would probably be a real spectacle for us. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages, and the question is how long such a match would last.