Woodley: "This is the easiest fight of my career"

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Woodley: "This is the easiest fight of my career"

Tyron Woodley wasn’t exactly a favorite fighter during his MMA career. He rarely had fans on his side, and Dana White stated that he is a man who is simply repulsive by nature. But now he has arranged a fight where the fans will finally be on his side.

Because he’s the one who could get the virus out of the world of martial arts, as many have called the appearance of Jake Paul. At the end of August, Woodley will be looking for a kick that will put an end to the 24-year-old, who is very popular in the "YouTube" world but also very popular in the martial art world.

Immediately after the fight was officially confirmed, he confirmed his intentions in a brief statement to ESPN: "This is the easiest fight and the biggest honorarium of my entire career, all in one night. In fact, they brought me to take out the trash and I can't wait to silence that bit**h."

"I'm doing this for martial arts, the whole MMA community, and the boxing community. " He later said something more about it all during a “live” on Instagram. And he seemed very motivated by the opportunity to delight all those to whom the very appearance of Jake Paul did not sit well.

And there are, as already mentioned, an impressively large number of them globally.

Instagram live

"You can already imagine Jake Paul's head falling off his neck. Some people somehow put themselves in a situation they can't get out of."

"My mother said you shouldn't write a check with your mouth that your ass can't pay off. That's exactly what happened here." "We're going to break some records and I'm going to break Jake Paul.

I'm going to break his jaw as soon as I get the chance." "I'm ready to make history, I want to box my whole life, but I never did. In 2005 I started MMA because I thought I was too old for boxing." "I was 23 years old and I realized through MMA that I was capable of wrestling, but also of hitting, "he said.

Woodley is an outsider at bookmakers right now, which is actually hard to explain, and the odds on him are actually still rising, which would mean high bets are coming in on Paul’s win. Tyron has to prepare as best he can for this match and not let Paul beat him.

Unlike Ben Askren, who was actually rarely fully trusted, Tyron is a man who has knocked out or defeated his opponents during his MMA career at the expense of boxing. Paul’s victory will be a sign that the young YouTuber is actually a really good and talented boxer.

But regardless, how can someone who has been doing it for two years overcome a top fighter who has been in the sport his whole life? If that happens, we will have to find an answer.