Edwards on Diaz: "He was stopped, he's not a robot"

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Edwards on Diaz: "He was stopped, he's not a robot"

Although the UFC 263 show has two championship fights on its program, it seems that the fight between Nate Diaz and Leon Edwards could get the most attention from many fans. The fight in the heart of the main program will be the perfect opportunity for Edwards to continue his series, ie.

extend it to nine wins and be promoted to the challenger. And he has a plan on how to do it. So he succeeds in what almost no one is, and he revealed that intention in an interview with MMA Junkie. "I have to come into that fight and to finish him.

So far he is only been finished once, but that's all I need. He was stopped, he's not a robot, he's not untouchable." "He is finished and I sincerely believe I'll finish him too. And I can't wait for that.

My skills on my feet are too much for him. On the floor, I will also be too much for him, at the expense of strength." "I can't wait to give him a chance to feel it," Edwards announced, adding that he intends to succeed in what Josh Thomson, Hermes Franca, and Jorge Masvidal have done so far.

So, more than once, Nate was defeated by a stoppage and Leon recalculated a bit. "I just see how I'm going to beat him from the start and get to the stoppage. I know he's a strong and persistent guy, but I also know he's not strong and persistent enough to beat me.

I worked hard, I sacrificed a lot and it’s finally time for the work invested to pay off, ”he explained.

Five round match

What is special about this fight is that it will take place in five rounds, as the first fight in UFC history that is not for the title or the main fight of the show, and that it will get the so-called championship rounds.

Dana White explained that this was a condition for both of them to arrange a fight, and very quickly comments started that it was in favor of Diaz, with whom there is an urban legend that he is getting better as the fight goes on.

"I don't think a five-round fight gives him an advantage. This is my fifth main fight and I'm ready for it, I've been there before. I don't think it can work in his favor. In fact, I think he receives equal damage through all five rounds.

That’s what I see in our fight as well, only my hands will finish him. It’s a way to show the world that I deserve the next title fight, ”Rocky confirmed at the end. UFC 263 takes place on June 12, so it’s very close to us!