Covington believes the GSP would be an easy opponent for him

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Covington believes the GSP would be an easy opponent for him

Although Georges St-Pierre has been retired for some time, the most successful fighter in UFC welterweight history is still a common theme. Especially among fighters who, if he continued to fight, would be his potential opponents.

Each of them watched the GSP, learned from him, and surely thought about how they would approach each other’s fight if it happened. Colby Covington is certainly a special individual, but in that case, he should not be different from the rest.

What certainly distinguishes him is his self-confidence, since the prognosis of his own fight against St-Pierre does not really seem like a forecast of a fight against by many the greatest fighter of all time. "I don't think I can beat Georges St-Pierre.

I know I can beat him. He was able to knock most of the fighters down to the floor and control them there with ground n 'pound." "He wouldn't knock me down, my condition is something different. I've never been knocked down in the Octagon and he wouldn’t have been the first to succeed at it, ”Covington said in an MMA Roasted podcast, in his style hiding the truth.


According to official UFC statistics, he was knocked down twice by Dong Hyun Kim, three times by Rafael Dos Santos, and once by Tyron Woodley. Although they failed to secure control after that, the fact is that Colby was knocked down.

In short, he trusts in his wrestling, which actually makes sense, if we know that he has achieved a large number of victories thanks to just that. If the GSP does not bring him down, it is understood that the fight on their feet remains.

And here he believes he has a great advantage. "GSP's punching techniques are actually basic, as is kindergarten. He doesn't really have a lot of tricks. He has that really good front direct, but it's something that can be easily countered if you have good leg work and move your head."

"Actually, I think that because of all this, the GSP would actually be an extremely easy fight for me. " Covington is currently in a precarious situation regarding the next fight. He has not fought since September last year when he defeated Tyron Woodley, and before that he had his last appearance in December 2019, when he did the aforementioned fight against Usman, which he lost with a break in the fifth round. He hopes to fight for the title, but Dana White doesn't seem like someone ready to give it to him right away.