Bisping believes Vettori can beat Adesanya

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Bisping believes Vettori can beat Adesanya

On June 12, the UFC 263 event awaits us, led by the fight for the UFC middleweight title between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori. A rematch of the fight from the spring of 2018, but also the first fight for Adesanya after the defeat by Blachowicz, also the first in his career.

As the fight gets closer, so did the analyzes, and it is certainly very gratifying for one to have a former champion. In this case, it's Michal Bisping. He was hosted by The Schmo, to whom the former champion expressed his attitude towards the fight we will see soon.

"Adesanya should enter this fight with a lot of confidence. First of all, because Vettori has already won. They have both gotten better since then, but I think Vettori has progressed more." "Besides, I think Vettori has received very good instructions from Blachowicz on how to win.

", is the first impression that reveals very well that Bisping sees wrestling as the key to this fight. Both the offensive Vettori's and the defensive one will be presented by the champion.

Middle of the octagon

However, the goal will not be just wrestling, but one special aspect that really needs to be worked on.

The Vettori will have to hold a fight in the middle of the Octagon, and then do the job there as best he can. "The way to beat Adesanyaa is obviously to knock him to the floor, but most try to do it by the cage fence.

It's easier to defend there because you can always lean your back on the fence, and you can also use it to get up if you end up on the floor." "Blachowicz knocked him down in the middle arena, but for that, you have to be a little better wrestler.

Knocking down in the middle is harder, but definitely more successful and better against Israel." "There is no fence and he will just fall down. It is also much harder to get up when he ends up on the floor there, "he explained what we’ve already seen it at the UFC 259 event.

Of course, the fight against Blachowicz is a good school for Adesanya as well, who has now no doubt picked up work on defensive wrestling. In addition, this is again a middleweight category so Vettori should not be as strong as the Pole, who entered the fight with over a hundred pounds.

"I think Vettori saw it and will enter the fight with a wrestling-based tactic, like he did against Kevin Holland. But we still have a champion here and I'm leaning towards him. He is a champion for a reason and will surely come ready." Michael concluded