Charles Oliveira: "I don't care who comes to me"

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Charles Oliveira: "I don't care who comes to me"
Charles Oliveira: "I don't care who comes to me" (Provided by Sport World News)

As announced by Dana White, Charles Oliveira will follow the main UFC 264 fight from the first row, which will be done on July 10 in Las Vegas by Conor Mcgregor and Dustin Poirier. Although he has not confirmed that the winner of that fight will surely be the next challenger, this can be assumed.

As for Oliveira, he is currently with his family in Brazil and is resting and enjoying his success. He will not return to real training yet, after all, he has time. He needs to get the challenger first, and he is not sure if it will be one of the two mentioned, although he is aware that it is the most certain.

He could not avoid this topic in his interview for the Brazilian Combate, where he was asked which of these two fighters he would prefer to see against himself. "I don't care who comes to me. I've always fought in the UFC without thinking about money, I've been thinking about how to make history." "Of course, fighting Conor would bring in a lot of money and that would be great, money is always important, but I don't worry about who will come to me and who won't." "The most important thing is to keep writing your story and live in this wonderful moment and be ready for those to come.

Dustin is a tough guy, the last man to beat Conor, but I also know that Conor is not a silly guy, he will come to fight with a completely different strategy." "May the best win. If it is Conor we will make big money. If it is Dustin the money will be less but in both cases, I will keep winning.

The most important thing is just that, to stay the winner, ”Oliveira said.


Before coming into the lightweight category, he fought in the lightweight category from 2012 to 2017. He had great results there as well, but also big problems with losing weight.

"After a while, he went into the lightweight category after a UFC ultimatum, and even after he went on a winning streak, he continued to persuade Dana White to let him back. Fortunately for him, that did not happen. Now that he has the title, the desire to return is still there, but with many different conditions." "If they gave me a title fight as soon as I got down, and time to do everything right, I would do it in a good way.

Today I have a good nutritionist, a good team that helps me and I would succeed in that. But I will do it only by going immediately to the title ", he confirmed his changed intentions. Oliveira is also much stronger and has biggest muscles than when he fought in the 66 kg category. So meeting the weight limit would be an even bigger challenge today.

Charles Oliveira