Kita: "If I don't beat a fighter like Stosic, I can't hope for the top of KSW"

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Kita: "If I don't beat a fighter like Stosic, I can't hope for the top of KSW"

Darko Stošić bravely accepted the fight against Michal Kita, which will take place on Saturday, June 5, at the KSW 61 event, less than two weeks before the event. True, he can get a lot with this fight, above all securing a challenger position in KSW's heavyweight division.

The experienced Pole will be looking for a victory worthy of a new attack on the title, in the fight, he was originally supposed to do against Jay Silva. However, the Brazilian canceled, and a Serbian fighter appeared, ready for a fight.

Kita could have had a fight with several other fighters, but in the end, the choice fell on Stosic, as the remaining fighters did not want to fight Kita. Kita is aware that he has a good opportunity that he needs to use, but on the way, he has a difficult task ahead of him: Stosic who knows how to be a difficult opponent, which he has confirmed many times "What can I say, there were two or three names who didn't want to accept the fight against me, even though I publicly called them out.

If I don't beat a fighter like Darko, I can't hope for the top of KSW," it was revealed in the official KSW and told by 41-year-old Kita, announcing a performance that will delight:

Kita is full of confidence

Kita looks full of confidence before this duel and it seems that his main goal is to search for a stoppage.

In addition to his self-confidence, he seems to have worked hard in training and is in great shape "As always you can expect my move forward and the search for a stoppage. I know what I'm capable of, I'm a heavyweight, and he fought in the lower category before."

Probably Kita is also aware that Darko is also a natural heavyweight whose decision to go down in the light heavyweight division was not the smartest in his career. But he can build self-confidence however he wants, no one can deny him that right.

Like no right to try to fight for a victory worth another attack on the title. "I want to beat him and to deserve another attack on De Fries. He accepted the fight, but that decision will be painful for him," Kita threatened, saying all this in an announcement that unfortunately does not include Stosic's statements.

The Pole seems to want to win as soon as possible, but as already said, Stosic is an amazing fighter who will not be easy to win.