White on Jones: "If he wants Stipe, I would say great."

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White on Jones: "If he wants Stipe, I would say great."

The situation in the UFC heavyweight division is becoming increasingly clear. Regardless of what Jon Jones' plans are and by when the return of Stipe Miočić should be expected. This has been confirmed by UFC President Dana White on several occasions, with information that it will follow the normal sequence, which presents Derrick Lewis as the next challenger.

Once again, White confirmed all this in a rather informative conversation with Kevin Iole, catching once again the topics of Jon Jones and the problems in negotiations with him. And that’s after he confirmed that the fight between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis will definitely take place this summer.

"I've been working with Jon Jones for ten years now and I know how things are with him. Jon Jones is first and foremost a different type of animal." "Listen to me, I once managed to arrange everything with Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko, they both wanted to fight each other But Jon Jones is not like that."

"Jon is one of those who could have mastered this sport He could have had a contract with Nike where his sneakers would be sold 25 years after his retirement." "I am always excited to see Jones really coming is ready to fight.

But if he won't fight, then so be it, "White said.

Jon Jones can retire

What he said actually supports Jones ’latest statements so that he might be able to return only at this time next year. It didn't surprise White after that, of course, just as he wouldn't be surprised if Jones gave up on everything.

"Jon Jones can retire at the top tomorrow. If he calls me tomorrow and says he's retiring, I won't be shocked or broken about it. I'd congratulate him on that decision." "To call me tomorrow and say he wants to fight the next day, if he wanted Stipe, I would say great.

I would be ready to agree on that right away ", he confirmed once again, emphasizing that if Jones wants to fight at this moment, Stipe Miočić is definitely waiting for him first. On the other hand, if you ask Miočić, it would not be easy to arrange this fight at this moment, since he will certainly not fight until the birth of his son, and there are still three months until then.

In addition, although he does not hide his ambition to fight Jones, his main goal is to regain the title. And the title will be with Francis Ngannou or Derrick Lewis after August. The main thing is that Miočić is constantly in White's plans, as the greatest heavyweight in UFC history certainly deserves it.