Schaefer: "Dana and I have a great relationship"

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Schaefer: "Dana and I have a great relationship"

From the moment Jon Jones revealed he had hired Richard Schaefer as his advisor and promoter, one of the leading boxing promoters of the last 20 years, his negotiations with the UFC have gone to a higher level. In fact, a much higher and more serious level, because so far they have consisted of posts on Jones ’Twitter and Dana White’s statements at press conferences and in interviews.

Schaefer is a serious businessman who accepted a new job with a mission. Arrange a fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, in a way that pulls out the best possible conditions for his client. He spoke about it shortly after their collaboration was officially agreed upon, and the opportunity to host him was given to Sirius XM.

"We have a big fight ahead of us, a fight against Francis Ngannou. It's a fight that everyone wants to see. Not just UFC fans but sports fans in general." "My job is to see if the fight can be organized, I'm here to represent Jon Jones, the UFC legend, and to see what can be done.Dana and I have a great relationship, we have known and respected each other for a long time."

"This was seen from his last comments. I know PPV business probably better than anyone, so does he. It is essential when finding common interest and we will meet soon with the aim of reaching an agreement that will suit everyone, "Schaefer opened immediately with his main intentions, but also with one of the reasons why Jones chose him.

Jones and UFC

His starting position will not be easy, primarily because the relationship between Jones and the UFC, or rather White, is worse than ever. Mostly because of all the recent statements and the aforementioned announcements, which didn't go in the right direction.

Schaefer decided to put an end to this immediately. "When you start negotiations through the media, people get too deep and big numbers come up. People who shouldn't talk start throwing out crazy numbers without talking to anyone and that's where the problem comes in."

"People get mad at each other, so business it doesn't work. These aren't fights that are arranged through the media, Twitter and Instagram." "They are arranged so that the professionals sit at the table and talk about the essential elements.

And that's exactly what I'm going for. We'll meet and talk and you won't hear from me a word until I can tell you for sure that we have a fight." "Everything in between is counterproductive and I will not go into it. That is why I have managed to organize the biggest fights in the last 15 or 20 years, "he said very seriously.