Jon Jones hired a new advisor

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Jon Jones hired a new advisor

After recently ending his cooperation with the Kawa brothers and their First Round Management, Jon Jones has been looking for a new person to take care of his career for a while. He worked with Kawa for 11 years and they participated in the negotiations for all his most important fights, but by going into the heavyweight division, Jones decided to change something in that field as well.

It was mentioned for a while that he could become a new member of the organization of currently the most powerful MMA manager, Ali Abdelaziz, but in fact, Jones got something even bigger. His career will be taken care of by a name well above the MMA world.

It's about until recently the CEO of Golden Boy Management Agency, Richard Schaefer.

His post

Collaboration with former Oscar De La Hoya trustee chief Jones revealed by posting on Twitter. "I have retained Richard Schaefer as my Advisor.

Richard has been in the combat space for over 20 years and has put together some of the biggest global Pay Per View events over that period." "The likes of Mayweather, De La Hoya, Canelo, Hopking, Barrera, and Marquez have headlined the exciting events that Richard has promoted and produced."

"His knowledge and experience of the Pay Per View industry and combat sports are second to none. I am excited to embark on this next chapter of my career as I continue to cement my place in history as one of the greats with Richard as my advisor.

I can't wait to give my fans and the sport the fights they want to see." , ”Jones wrote. Schaefer's job will be to come up with a UFC offer that will satisfy Jones' appetites, that is, arrange a fight for the title.

The UFC has not contacted Jones directly so far, nor has he contacted them, but it is possible that the strategy will change now that he has a man like this by his side, who knows how to get the best out of his clients.

In his latest Twitter address, Jones revealed that he intends to prepare his body for the heavyweight category for another year and only then perform. But if he really thought so, he certainly wouldn't hire a man like Schaefer right now.

His job will be only one, for Jones to agree on terms of performance equal to those of Conor McGregor since that is Jones' wish. Not so much because of the money as because of the fact that he will thus be equated with the most popular fighter in the world. Yes, this game mostly revolves around the ego. But Jones intends to settle that ego.