Jon Jones: "I’m comfortable enough to wait and that’s exactly what I’ll do"

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Jon Jones: "I’m comfortable enough to wait and that’s exactly what I’ll do"

Jon Jones in the heavyweight division is still one of the main MMA topics, especially regarding when his transition among heavyweights could officially happen, that is: when he will finally enter the Octagon. For now, there is not much optimism on this issue, if we evaluate it according to the previous statements of Jones himself, but also Dane White.

Jones gained considerable weight and got quite strong, so he seemed ready from that side, but maybe that's not the case. The question is how satisfied he is personally with the current condition of his body and form. "Man I’m telling you, I’ve always been the skinny one in my family.

Becoming a proper heavyweight is a lot more difficult than I had ever anticipated. I want to do it right the first time." And it was all triggered by a fan comment he decided to respond to, which said it was time to see him again in the Octagon.

Jones decided to follow up on himself with information that would rarely be liked by anyone. Namely, although he recently called out with Francis Ngannou, he has now revealed that he believes it is not time yet for his transition.

"Honestly I feel like the only people that it benefits, me jumping in their early are the other heavy weights. The way I’m training, I’m gonna be a real problem this time next year. I’m comfortable enough to wait and that’s exactly what I’ll do"


Of course, this was followed by the question of whether it meant that another whole year would be behind anything.

"Yes, I got a feeling you guys will still be around. The sport should be bigger than ever by then.. Always looking on the bright side" Jones replied. We can understand this as real plans, but also as a further course of public negotiations between Jones and the UFC, the part where he tries to show as if he doesn’t care if he fights or not.

In fact, there is still a struggle over who will take the first step, who will be the first to respond with a specific offer or wish. The problem is that not even the poor side wants that because they immediately put themselves on the subordinate side, especially the financial side.

Until that happens, the UFC has normally continued on and we will face a heavyweight title fight between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis, most likely in August. Jones last fought in February last year, when he narrowly defeated Dominic Reyes. In the opinion of many, it was perhaps the weakest performance in his entire career.