Dmitriy Sosnovskiy sentenced to eight and a half years in prison

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Dmitriy Sosnovskiy sentenced to eight and a half years in prison

With justifiably high expectations, 31-year-old Dmitriy Sosnovskiy came to the UFC in 2018 today. This heavyweight then had a ratio of ten wins from as many appearances, and he immediately achieved 11th in the Octagon, where he defeated Mark Godbeer by a stoppage in the second round.

It looked like Sosnovskiy could have a great career and achieve many successes, because indeed at that time he looked unstoppable and many thought he would achieve great results Russia was expected to have one great UFC heavyweight who would do great things.

However, in the end, it was his only appearance in the Octagon, in which he will certainly not return. Namely, as reported by rsport, he was sentenced this week to eight and a half years in prison in a strictly guarded institution.

The reason is a crime he committed with a group of people in the late summer of 2019, for which he was found guilty on all counts of the indictment. Sosnovskiy and four other accomplices kidnapped a Russian businessman on the street, to take him by car to the office where they threatened to kill him if he did not pay them 300 thousand rubles.

Many were shocked when they found out what the figure was It's actually a very small amount, $ 3,800. After he refused, one of the kidnappers choked him after he lost consciousness. However, it seems that as a team they weren't organized which in the end cost them.

Businessman managed to escape

The businessman managed to escape when the kidnappers left the room and went to the police, very soon after which there was an arrest. Sosnovskiy was one of the main training partners of Alexei Oleinik, who was extremely shocked by all this.

Especially since it is difficult to understand how such a promising fighter decided on such a move. The UFC, meanwhile, fired him, which proved to be a good move, as there is little chance that Dmitriy will ever actively return to fighting.

If he serves the entire sentence, he will be 40 years old when he leaves. It is certain that this is something he did not need at all considering how good a fighter he was and what perspective he had. Yet people sometimes decide on strange moves that ruin their lives.

Too bad for the end of one such career that could have been much better. Now it remains for him to serve his sentence and then to fix everything he did