Joshua Fabia has revealed shocking details about Sanchez!

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Joshua Fabia has revealed shocking details about Sanchez!

Joshua Fabia decides to announce his parting with Sanchez in Behind The Scenes With Summer Helene “So what we got here is we gotta go back to how I was starting with my perception. And see my perception is I’m helping a guy and he leaves a gym, it becomes a big scandal."

“And I’m just worried about taking care of this guy. And the more I’m taking care of him, the more I’m realizing he needs a lot more help than some of my other clients. Like, this is pretty heavy”.

Fabia then cited a match in which Sanchez did not make a single punch “You go watch the fight, and it’s the only fight in Diego Sanchez’s history that he never threw a punch,” Fabia said. “The last time Diego was a sportsman, he was a wrestler.

So the first thing he comes out and does is goes and takes this guy’s leg. And he never throws a punch. So you tell me how come my fighter that’s been training for 10 weeks to strike didn’t throw a strike”.

Fabia then explained some things he didn't know and what he discovered after a while “I’m trying to express how I feel about what has happened in my time of two years of being slandered in the UFC, working for a guy that falsely represented himself as a regular person,” Fabia began.

“As I get to more information as I’m with the lawyer and the lawyer talks to Diego and asks Diego about his education and he starts talking about how he was in special education. Holy shit, huge red flags, man!

This is not at all what anyone has perceived.


Although most of the media criticized Fabia he decided to talk about some things that were between him and Sanchez “And Diego is not anywhere near what anybody knows, man.

And Diego has been an addict. He hasn’t told anybody for the past five months I was his sponsor, living with him, that I had to live there because he was broke and lost all his money and strung out on kratom, and alcohol, and 30 other substances, that he has sexual abuse issues."

"No, no, no, he didn’t say any of that, man. And I’ve been holding up all this. I’ve been doing everything. And everybody’s coming at me”. He believes that Sanhez needs mental help “Diego’s clearly been taking advantage of me for two years as I have been fighting for him and putting myself on the line for him with zero benefit.

I’m the one getting death threats here…” Fabia said. “The truth is when you were talking about this moment, it was because it was feeling like I was going to be between him and his mother, and I’m not gonna do that.

" "And that’s one of the big red flags…that and Diego is probably special needs. He needed to be properly cognitively studied. He never wanted to do any of that”.