Rob Font will wait patiently for the next opponent

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Rob Font will wait patiently for the next opponent

Even after his great victory, Rob Font still doesn't know what awaits him, and who his next opponent is. Still, Font seems terribly impatient and can't wait for the next fight “I feel like I still have to sit back and wait,” Font told MMA Junkie following Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 188 at the UFC Apex.

“It sucks. I could have dominated, or I could have knocked him out. I still would have had to sit back and wait”. In the fight against Cody Garbrandt, Font was much better, he moved better, he had dominance throughout the match, which he eventually took advantage of.

“No surprises,” Font said. “He was quick. He was fast. He hit hard. I was a little surprised on the takedowns, as far as I figured he would try to keep it there and advance position, and instead he just wanted to get up and start striking.

It was almost like he didn’t really want the takedown”. Even before the match, Font analyzed the opponent well and understood what his advantages were and what his disadvantages were.

Gartbrandt fight

Based on that, he fought.

He knew that Gartbrandt had a goal to win by knockout, but he failed. Font resisted and at one point thought Gartbrandt would go stronger and stronger, but he still offered good resistance and reached his goal “I was like, ‘Has he been playing with me this whole time? Is he about to turn it on now?'” Font said.

“But after that little burst happened, I backed him up a couple times with the jab, hit a couple of body shots and just slowed down. It was like, ‘All right. Keep it here. Don’t go too crazy. Don’t try to brawl with him.

His only chance to win is knocking me out.’ It worked out”. Font believes that his performances have earned him some respect from others and that he should advance on the list “You go in there and go five rounds with Cody Garbrandt – was it (Dominick) Cruz that went five rounds with him?” Font asked.

“And Cruz is a legend. You go five rounds with him and not get knocked out, you prove that you’re legit”. His goal will not be to fight anyone, but to wait and it seems that he is still patient, all with the goal of attacking the title “I definitely don’t want to fight backwards,” Font said. “I’ve learned patience. I’ll be patient”.