De La Hoya wants to enter the ring with Dana White

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De La Hoya wants to enter the ring with Dana White

All sorts of things have been happening on the martial arts scene lately. Icons are returning from retirement, MMA fighters are going to boxing, boxers are announcing MMA debuts, and YouTubers are taking millions in the ring ...

One match from those categories was to include former UFC champion and MMA legend Georges St-Pierre and the boxing giant Oscar De La Hoya. GSP and Oscar were interested, the increasingly popular Triller offered money and the role of organizer, but this clash in the ring prevented the UFC, a contract that the leading MMA promotion was referring to these days.

Namely, although the famous Canadian has not performed since November 2017 and has been enjoying a well-deserved retirement for several years, he is still contractually bound to the UFC, and that contract prevents him from performing outside the Octagon.

Of course, given that this would be an exhibition match, the UFC could have come out to meet its former champion, but that was not an option for Dan White and company. "I understand that Dana doesn't want me to fight.

But this would be something very fun. My career as a professional fighter, with the goal of becoming the best in the world, is over." "I'm turning 40, and it's a sport for young people. A boxing match with rules like the Trillers against the legendary Oscar De La Hoya ...

That would be the fulfillment of my dreams because he is my second favorite boxer of all time, behind Sugar Ray Leonard." "Besides, there would be a lot of money going to charity, "recently commented on this story in an interview with Cinema Blend GSP.

De La Hoya is frustrated

And now his undefeated opponent, De La Hoya, has appeared, apparently angered by the UFC's behavior, especially Dane White. De La Hoya seems to have been quite frustrated with White's decision and looked very aggressive in his speech, which is not strange considering the fight he wants "Dana, stop blocking St-Pierre's chance.

How about the two of us get in the ring first, you little bit*h. I'd beat you up and then fight a real man after that," the famous boxer told the UFC president. Most UFC and boxing fans are amazed at White’s decision given that this match would have no significance, and in the end a large amount of money would go to charity. White is respecting the contract and thus he wants to maintain the reputation that his organization (UFC) has.