Diego Sanchez terminated his collaboration with Joshua Fabia

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Diego Sanchez terminated his collaboration with Joshua Fabia

Less than a month after he unexpectedly got fired from the UFC, just a week before his farewell fight he was supposed to do against Donald Cerrone, Diego Sanchez cut ties with the man who was actually responsible for the dismissal.

It's about Joshua Fabia, his coach for the last two years, but also a mental guru, a man whose methods the MMA community has been heavily criticized for. Diego revealed this to the MMA Fighting portal through his lawyer, adding that he will address the public in the coming days when he will explain what all happened and why he made this decision.

Sanchez began working with Fabia in 2019, when he was preparing to fight Mickey Gall, before leaving his longtime Jackson Winkeljohn team. Fabia’s unusual and even extreme training methods immediately surfaced in public, and later his corner speeches during the fight became an urban legend.

But not for positive reasons. However, over time, Diego's behavior also changed, so many became concerned about him. It all culminated before the fight against Cerrone. Namely, it was initially canceled for no apparent reason, and then Diego started publishing various recordings, such as when Fabia attacked commentators on Fight Island for a bad way of commenting on Diego's fights, and then a recording appeared that was actually a drop that was she poured the glass.

White on Fabia

Diego released a recording of a telephone conversation between Fabia and UFC referee Hunter Campbell. In addition to compromising himself, Diego did something illegal, such as just filming without notifying his interlocutor.

The dismissal was the UFC’s best possible move, and Dana White’s comment said a lot "Somehow that creepy weirdo got into Diego's life and started controlling him. You saw the footage of him stabbing people around the Octagon with a knife.

How crazy is this guy?" "He comes to the commission and tells them how Diego learned the touch of death. That's it, the guy goes on and on. He comes to a production meeting and then he tells the commentators what they should say?" "That guy is not normal.

Unfortunately, he got into Diego's life and started to control him. I really wish Diego all the best, "White said. It seemed more and more that Fabia had really taken over Diego’s life so many felt like he was managing his social media as well.

In the meantime, the training methods became even more extreme, so everyone who cared about Diego was shocked by the footage of Diego hanging upside down, while Fabia hits him with various blows (video at the bottom of the text).

Whether someone managed to reach out to Diego and influence him in the right way or the once great UFC star finally got through, we’ll find out when he addresses the public himself.