White found the ideal partner for Chandler

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White found the ideal partner for Chandler

Michael Chandler has made it clear that he is not giving up on his dreams and will do anything to deserve a new attack on the UFC belt, and it seems that Dana White has found him the perfect dance partner shortly after his defeat by Charles Oliveira.

Although he had a shaken Brazilian in front of him in the first round, Chandler did not manage to finish the fight, and already at the very start of the other five minutes he fell from the blow of the new champion 'Do Bronx'

What's next? Nothing is official yet, but the UFC president claims it could be Chandler’s fight with Justin Gaethje whom we haven’t seen in action since October when he was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"There are several options ... He can fight Gaethje. We'll see. We haven't agreed on anything yet, but it makes sense and it would be a fun fight. Just imagine - Chandler against Gaethje," White told TMZ Sports.

And what awaits the champion, Oliveira? Will the more successful from the new match between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor (July 10) be next for the Brazilian? "I don't know. We'll see how that fight goes.

I know Oliveira will watch that match from the front lines," White added.

UFC weight loss problems

Some fighters unfortunately never learn when it’s time to move to a higher category. This often results in cancellations of fights a day or two before maintenance, but often with consequences for fighters.

One of those who has experienced the consequences is UFC fighter category fighter, Raulian Paiva. He was supposed to fight David Dvorak at UFC Fight Night 188, but the fight was canceled a few hours before the weigh-in after Paivi fell ill and had to be hospitalized urgently.

Insiders say that he lost an extremely large amount of kilograms for the flyweight category, and it happened last time during the so-called "weight cut" process. It is unknown at this time what his current state of health is.

To make things worse, these are not the first problems for Paiva. For his last fight, he managed to get to the weigh-in, but there he exceeded the category limit by just over a pound. Despite some earlier problems, when he was going through difficult processes, he decided to stay in the division up to 57 kilograms for this fight as well, which turned out to be a mistake this time.

The 25-year-old Paiva is currently within a two-win streak, after starting his UFC career with two defeats and being considered one of the biggest potential flyweight categories. After this we doubt the UFC will allow him to stay in the same. He is probably ordered to go to the bantam for the next fight.