Poirier: "I still have a bag full of tricks I can't wait to show you"

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Poirier: "I still have a bag full of tricks I can't wait to show you"

Dustin Poirier will be ready if Conor McGregor reaches for the tactics that marked most of their second match. Conor lost five times in his MMA career, but only one opponent stopped him by knockout. It is, of course: Poirier who came to the settlement of accounts at the beginning of the year when he stopped the famous Irishman in the middle of the second round.

Dustin’s main weapon in that encounter was the ‘low (calf) kicks’ that injured McGregor’s leg and paved the way for a big win. "I fought Jim Miller in New York a few years ago and he was the first character to use that technique against me.

I remember that in that duel my leg hurt and that from that moment on I developed a whole new respect for kicks that target the leaf muscle, ”recounts Poirier in the‘ The Fight with Teddy Atlas ’podcast.

‘The Diamond’ applied a technique he became better acquainted with through pain and anguish perfectly to McGregor and that is why he believes the former two-time champion in the trilogy could use the same weapon.

"He felt how much these kicks could cripple you. He felt that pain and technique that can change the dynamics of the fight. That's why I think he could reach for it this time too."


"At least that's what I've done since I felt how dangerous those kicks can be.

I'm still practicing offensively, but now I'm working a lot harder on defense." "If the opportunity arises, I'll attack him again with them. And if that's not the case, I still have a bag full of tricks I can't wait to show you," Poirier concluded The third meeting of lightweight stars awaits us on July 10, when the big UFC 264 takes place in the Las Vegas T-Mobile arena.

As we can imagine, a great match awaits us two fighters who have a huge desire and motivation to win. Especially McGregor who wants to break the bad streak and get out of the crisis he is in. The Irishman decided to use the old tricks again, and that is trash talk through which he wants to scare the opponent but also to provoke in order to come to victory.

Poirier is an experienced fighter and we doubt McGregor will have a difficult task regarding the tactics he will apply. There is little time left until the spectacle!