Triler has promised to donate a million dollars if White lets GSP into a boxing match

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Triler has promised to donate a million dollars if White lets GSP into a boxing match

A new ambitious organization, Triller, tried to arrange a boxing exhibition match for next month between one of the greatest boxers of all time, Oscar De La Hoya, and by many the greatest MMA fighter, Georges St-Pierre. For now, that plan has not worked for them for only one reason.

Although he has retired, St-Pierre is still under a valid contract with the UFC and must obtain a UFC license for any martial arts performance. Organizations whose president Dana White doesn’t even want to talk about the Thriller.

"Don't ask me about these idiots, who cares about them? I don't care what they say? You think I care? I don't answer their calls. That idiot calls me every day and begs me to answer his calls, to talk to him."

"But I feel sorry for you. For your own sake and leave me alone. Do whatever you do." "I don't care less about it nor do I have any interest in talking to any of these idiots. Let them do their job and stop talking about me.

What do you care what I do? ", is one of White's comments on the very mention of Thriller, adding that when asked if it was true that St-Pierre was banned from performing he didn't even answer.

St Pierre confirmed an offer

After St-Pierre confirmed that he had indeed received the offer and that he intended to accept it, the story was brought up again.

He said White does not allow him to fulfill his dream, as De La Hoya is one of his two favorite boxers of all time, and criticism came from some other famous MMA fighters, who do not support White banning his fighter for personal reasons The Triller has not given up yet and they have made a move to play on emotions.

Their owner Ryan Kavanaugh has publicly promised that Triller will donate $ 1 million to charity if the UFC allows GSP to perform in their ring. "We will try to work on Dana's charity side. I offered my $ 250,000 and invited others to get involved.

We now have a million dollars to go to a foundation or organization that Dana White chooses, all on the condition that GSP allows a boxing match. Especially since White knows the GSP will never fight in the UFC again, "Kavanaugh said.

This is actually a very good strategy, where White will be put to a great test. If he continues to hold to his position, it will be as if he has stopped such a huge sum that could go to those who need it most.