Cody Garbrandt optimistic ahead of Saturday's duel

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Cody Garbrandt optimistic ahead of Saturday's duel

11 months after breaking a three-game losing streak with an impressive win over Raphael Assuncao, Cody Garbrandt will find himself in the Octagon again. In probably a crucial fight to justify his own ambitions, he will have to look for victory against Rob Font, a fighter which style does not suit him.

Cody doesn't think of it that way, though. He came to the media gathering before the show full of self-confidence and it didn't take long for him to reveal his plans and goals. "My plan is to be a two-category champion at the same time.

That's my goal, no matter which category comes first. We all know what kind of circus we had around Sterling and Yan so now we're waiting for them to do a new fight." "Aljamain did neck surgery so it's going to be postponed still."

"I personally think this is a challenger fight. After I finish Rob I'll have options. One of them is to be the next to attack the title, and that suits me," said Cody, confident that victory will be enough for him to secure the position of the first challenger in as many as two categories.

In the flyweight category, he actually had to fight for the title last year. Although his win over Assuncao was the only one in his last four appearances, the UFC ignored that fact and arranged for Cody to attack the aforementioned championship title, although he also never fought in that category.


But he fell ill and was forced to cancel the fight. "November and the situation with COVID was not good for me, it took a part of my life, but it also prepared me for some new and better opportunities."

" After the victory, I will be going to attack the title in Bantam. Figgy and Moreno are fighting for the flyweight title a couple of weeks after me." "I already had a contracted fight for that title, I was preparing for five rounds in the flyweight category.

I'm ready for anything, but I hope none of them get hurt, they'll do it there fight, and then I can fight against the winner ", he believes that the position of challenger is still waiting for him. He is one of those attacked by COVID-19 with rather severe symptoms.

Because of them, not only did he have to cancel the aforementioned fight he had contracted, but for a couple of months, he was unable to train in his standard way. That is exactly why this long break is behind him. "Day after day I couldn't be sure how my body would react.

My blood count was bad, I had pneumonia and dizziness. I also had blood clots." "I went through all the injuries much easier than through COVID. And I took it seriously." "People die of it. I'm someone who takes care of myself, I'm healthy and I'm always rested.

I eat well, I'm superbly prepared. When that nappened to me, I thought it was a cold. But it was not, it was something evil. "