Dan Hardy revealed the reasons for his dismissal in the UFC

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Dan Hardy revealed the reasons for his dismissal in the UFC

After announcing his return to fighting for almost three years, Dan Hardy did not realize his ambition in the UFC and asked for the termination of his promotion contract, of which he was a commentator until recently, which was approved.

He will look for an opportunity to fight in Asia, although he is sorry that it will not be in the promotion whose title he once attacked. Everything actually happened in a very strange way. Namely, during a guest appearance on the Submission Radio podcast, Hardy said that he would like to get the termination of his contract with the UFC, since they cannot offer him what he is looking for at the moment.

He did not personally address the UFC, but the very next day he received an e-mail informing him of the termination of his contract, with the message that they wish him all the best and thank him for everything he has done for MMA and the UFC.

"I always had a feeling my MMA career would end in the UFC. I never intended to fight anywhere after my UFC contract expired. When I was within a string of four defeats, I didn't think of going anywhere else."

"I was thinking of stopping with everything. I was going to study philosophy, make a complete career turnaround. I thought that MMA part would end up in the UFC." "But I didn’t expect everything to happen.

Especially because I fought for the last time a long time ago and in the meantime,yx I have become a commentator." "I would like to thank for that time and opportunity, "Hardy said in an interview with MMA Fighting, explaining the above sequence of events.


The fight was not really easy for him to arrange and that is the main reason why he asked to be fired. He was offered two fights, but his opponents are fighters he did not intend to accept. These are lightweight icons, Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller.

He was also not interested in top fighters. "I've had one or two more fights and I'm only interested in fights where I really want to fight my opponent. There are a lot of fighters on the roster, I just don't want to punch Joe Lauzon in the face.

It's simple." "As a fighter under contract, I should be entitled to choice, especially at this stage of my career, where I am no candidate for the belt." "I have no intention of fighting the guys who are candidates for the top because I am aware that I am not like that. I respect them enough to be aware of that. So they had choices to give me someone else or let me go, ”he explained.